Dr. Maximilian Krug Kommunikationswissenschaftler Schwerpunkt: Interpersonale Kommunikation
In meiner aktuellen Forschung beleuchte ich die Ordnungsstrukturen von Konflikten in interpersonaler Kommunikation. Dazu schaue ich mir auf der einen Seite Ablehnungen und Widerstand in multimodaler Face-to-Face-Interaktion an und betrachte auf der anderen Seite Inzivilität und Reaktanz in der Onlinekommunikation. Darüber hinaus beschäftige ich mich mit Wissenschafts- kommunikation und stelle mir die Frage, wie wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse sinnvoll für die Öffentlichkeit aufbereitet werden können.

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Maximilian Krug Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft Universität Duisburg-Essen Universtitätsstraße 12 D-45141 Essen info@maximilian-krug.de Weitere Kontaktmöglichkeiten auf Social Media und institutionellen Seiten:
Temporal procedures of mutual alignment and synchronization in collaborative meaning-making activities in a dance rehearsal In: Frontiers in Communication
Abstract: Synchrony is a members' interactional solution for dealing with multiple relevant interactional tasks simultaneously when working on two or more separate, perceptual, and equally relevant projects, e. g., when dancing while pointing out a feature of the ongoing dance. This paper focuses on moments in which participants engage in joint meaning-making to identify, negotiate, and implement displayed multimodal gestalts of the choreography. Three temporal procedures of mutual alignment and synchronization were identified through a conversation analytical approach in combination with marker-less motion tracking movement analysis of a dance rehearsal: delays, accelerations, and accentuations. The analyses revealed that synchrony requires constant coordination in order to establish, maintain, and dissolve alignment between participants and their multimodal resources.
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Dr. Maximilian Krug Interpersonal Communication Research
In my current research, I investigate conflict in interpersonal communication . I explore disagreements and disalignments in multimodal face-to-face interaction and examine incivility and reactance in online communication . Furthermore, I engage in science communication and ask myself how scientific findings can be presented to the public in a meaningful way.
Abstract: By taking a conversation- analytical approach, this study uses mobile eye tracking and audiovisual recordings of theater rehearsals to examine how people who are interacting with each other simultaneously coordinate relevant activities. Of special significance is the structural compatibility of the modes of participation in the co- relevant activities, as different methods of coordination are used depending on the degree of (in-)compatibility.
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My doctoral thesis has been published by De Gruyter in the series Linguistik - Impulse & Tendenzen in Open Access! Open Access: https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110769029
For more information, please take a look at the project blog . There I have summarized the key findings from this study in English.

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